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Give Us Your Best Chicken Soup

The cold and flu season is upon us (wasn’t it 95 degrees just last week?). That means many of us need chicken soup, and fast. Here are some of our favorites around town. We suspect some of you may politely (cough, cough) disagree.

Moore's chicken soup

Homey Chicken Soup from Moore’s Deli

Nobody makes a better all-American chicken noodle soup than Robert Moore, proprietor of the new Moore’s Deli in Burbank. Heaped with soft, diced carrots and celery, it’s substantial enough (when you add some fresh bread) to feed a hungry comedy writer. And because they know their chicken soup, comedy writers come here in droves, from Nickelodeon, the Cartoon Network and the many production companies nearby.

Moore’s Delicatessen, 271 E. Orange Grove Ave., Burbank, 818.478.1251

Chicken Posole at Euro Pane

A French bakery known for its croissants is hardly where you’d expect to find great chicken posole (also known as pozole), the spicy Mexican hominy and chicken soup. But this one is world-class. There’s only one catch — it’s made only on Tuesdays. Except for the weeks that it’s made on a Wednesday. So call on Tuesday or Wednesday first to see if there’s some on the stove. It’s worth the trouble.

Euro Pane, 950 E. Colorado Blvd. & 345 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, 626.577.1828

Oaxacan Chicken Soup at El Texate

We have fond memories of sitting on the patio and spooning up the chicken soup with rice and avocado at this laid-back, inexpensive Santa Monica hangout (and dipping the occasional stray tortilla chip into the broth). Although we have not eaten here since new management reportedly took over last month, we’re hoping the chicken soup recipe hasn’t changed.

El Texate, 316 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, 310.399.1115

Chicken Matzo Ball Soup at… [your favorite deli here]

We’rre not about to proclaim who has the best matzo ball soup in L.A. We’re not about to incur the wrath of your Jewish grandmother. But our list includes Canter’s in the Fairfax District, Langer’s at 7th and Alvarado, and Greenblatt’s in Hollywood. Junior’s over in Westwood is also noteworthy for the meaty version it serves up in a gigantic bowl, a meal on its own. And of course Valley folks with the sniffles head to the great Brent’s Deli in Northridge.


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  1. Aleks Horvat says:

    For the Fabulous Food Company, to order the chicken soup directly and have it delivered to home or office, call 310-394-SOUP (7687) Monday through Friday, 10am-1pm.

    We only deliver in the Los Angeles area.


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