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Locavores, Hybrids & Kendall-Jackson on KPCC

Colleen Bates, John Rabe and Susan Feniger at the South Pas Farmers' Market

This week’s Eat LA on KPCC segment pays tribute to Kendall-Jackson founder Jess Jackson, who died recently; visits Street’s Susan Feniger at the South Pasadena Farmers’ Market to talk about eating locally and sustainably; learns about Mark Stambler’s cool backyard bread oven; and visits The Spice Table, LA’s newest Asian hipster hybrid.

Check out the conversations on Off-Ramp, Saturday at noon and Sunday at 7 p.m., 89.3 FM, or listen to the podcast right here.

Want to check out the restaurants and food sources mentioned in the show? Click on the links below to learn more.


Daisy Mint

Mark Stambler’s backyard bread

The Spice Table




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